WWI Battles and Cemeteries

A little while ago, I saw a request on a genealogical Facebook page and tried to locate an obituary for a soldier who died in World War I. Although I did not find the obituary, it led to some interesting websites and resources that I was able to share with the obituary seeker.

If you have an ancestor who died overseas in WWI, you should search the American Battle Monument Commission website.

If you have not lost an ancestor overseas in WWI, you should still check out the resources about the battles and the World War I accessible from this website.

Search the American Battle Monument Commission for soldiers buried overseas.


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To search for only WWI soldiers, uncheck all but the WWI box.


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You do not have to fill in all the fields; try a first and last name.

I searched for soldiers killed in the Battle of St. Mihiel without a name.

Entered Service From: New York

Branch of Service: U. S. Army

War Conflict: World War I

Keyword: Mihiel


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The details about SGT Walsh indicate that he is memorialized in the Tablet of the Missing at the St. Mihiel American Cemetery France.


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Click on the link for the St. Mihiel American Cemetery page.


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From this page, you can download electronic copies of pamphlets.

The St. Mihiel American Cemetery Booklet contains a history of the battle.

You can view a video about the cemetery.

The ABMC has a channel on YouTube.

Check out The ABMC Learning & Resources Page.


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From this page you can download the 1938 version of the “American Armies and Battlefields in Europe: A History, Guide and Reference Book.” It updated the original 1927 book, “A Guide to the American Battle Fields in Europe” to include the AEF accomplishments.

The members of the Pioneer Infantry are referred to as Pioneer Troops in this book, so you may want to search for “pioneer”.


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FamilySearch has links to more information about World War I Casualties.

If your ancestor died in WWI, follow the links to the books that can be downloaded from Google Books, as there are some pictures of the soldiers. The books are organized by state. You can also check the books contents through Ancestry.com.