Sales on DNA Tests and Our Books

Happy Thanksgiving!

If you have been waiting to do your Autosomal DNA, now may be the time! The atDNA tests are on sale. (I have not seen a Black Friday price for 23andMe, and although the database is large, it may be that the other people in it may be more focused on the health aspect of the testing rather than genealogy.)

Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale

The annual Family Tree DNA Holiday Sale is offering the Family Finder/Ethnic Percentages for $59. They are also offering  bundles that combine Family Finder and Y-DNA and mitochondrial tests. Holiday Sale

The Ancestry Insider Blog ( gives details about the test being on sale for $69 from 25 November to 28 November 2016. From 29 November to 14 December 2016 they are offering it for $89.

When Choosing A Company

Here are some things to consider when choosing a company for autosomal DNA testing

Testing at

  • The database has over 2,000,000 people (23andMe has 1,000,000 and FTDNA has almost 830,000)
  • You can attach your results to your tree
  • You can see your matches, but you cannot examine the details of the individual matching chromosomes
  • While you can transfer your results from to FTDNA, there is a fee to see the matches

Testing at Family Tree DNA:

  • The tools at FTDNA to see chromosomes are good
  • You can upload your family tree to the website

No matter where you test:

  • Consider transferring your results to to match with people who have tested elsewhere
  • GEDMatch has good tools for chromosome data

Our Books are on Sale for Black Friday / Cyber Monday

Our books “A Week of Genealogy” and “A Weekend of Genealogy” are on sale for Black Friday/Cyber Monday. To receive a 25% discount, use the links at and remember to use code 44RZVNZD when you check out.

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The Second Editions of Our Books are available!

The Second Editions of “A Week of Genealogy” and “A Weekend of Genealogy” are available now!

Are you searching for your ancestors?

If you have been wanting to learn more about moving your genealogy research forward, find that help in the books: “A Week of Genealogy” and “A Weekend of Genealogy”. They are available now!

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Google Searches

Without a doubt, Google search is one of my go-to genealogical tools. Google is always changing its tools to increase their effectiveness. The addition of tools and features is exciting. The elimination of tools can be frustrating. Google search is not immune from such changes. Over time, Google has removed some of the search operators.

Since “A Weekend of Genealogy” was published, Google has dropped one of its operators. The tilde (~) operator was described on pages 54-55 of the book. The tilde operator was used to return web pages that contained words similar to the specified term. Google manually built the list of similar words to include in the search. There was never a listing of what those similar words were, but by looking at the search results some of the words were obvious. According to Google, not enough people were using the operator to justify the cost of building those lists.

For a power Google user, it means that you can no longer use the search on these terms:

mcmahon ~genealogy

and expect to receive web pages that contain “family history” as well as “genealogy” in the results.

It means that you have to explicitly include the words that you want Google to search for in the search terms. One way you could do this is:

mcmahon (“genealogy” OR “family history”)

One way to make sure you know the current Google search terms is to use Google and search for:

google operators

By investigating the google operators, you may find advanced operators that might help you in your genealogical searches.



The Genealogy Guys review “A Weekend of Genealogy”

You can tune into the The Genealogy Guys Podcast #277. The review starts about 47:30 into the interview. You can find the podcast at The Genealogy Guys website.

“A Weekend of Genealogy” is available!

“A Weekend of Genealogy” offers a weekend of genealogical research activities centered on the U.S. Federal Census and Internet searches. The book includes how to find the census records for your ancestors and what to do with them. It demonstrates how to build Google searches to hunt for your family’s history. It also acquaints you with other Internet search engines. There are activities you can do before and after the weekend.

The book contains hints, websites, and search terms useful for your own research.

You can buy it now on Amazon’s CreateSpace and use the code U6C9CJU8 for $1.00 off the purchase price at

You can buy it at one of my talks for $12.00 (tax is included).