About The Book “A Weekend of Genealogy”:

“This small book is packed with helpful advice… Even experienced researchers will learn something from this book. ”
– Robert W. Barnes, Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. 56, no. 1, 2015.

“…something that you can use as a research tool, a research guide, for something you could do in a weekend. And it includes research activities centered on US federal census and on internet searches. And It includes how to find census records, what to do with them. It talks about how to build successful google searches to hunt for your family’s history but it also talks about some of the other internet search facilities as well. And there are things you can do both before the weekend and after the weekend.  You will find detailed hints, you’ll find some tips, you’ll find websites, search terms that you can use in your own research that will help you make better searches.” – George G. Morgan, The Genealogy Guys Podcast #277


About The Book “A Week of Genealogy”:

“While newcomers to the world of family history research will find this book extremely helpful, veteran researchers may also learn something new.” – Robert Barnes, Maryland Genealogical Society Journal, Vol. 55, no. 1, 2014.

“…it includes hints, a bunch of websites, search terms, strategies, and other things that you can add and incorporate into daily research. And she provides glimpses at some easily accessible resources   that you may have seen before or that you may not have seen or worked with before and suggests some strategies for expanding your research reach. … I think you will enjoy it. It’s a nice workbook and it’s a great way to organize your research for one week and learn some things that you can incorporate into your everyday research.” – George G. Morgan, The Genealogy Guys Podcast #248

“What I especially like are your guides on web addresses and searches, particularly since a good portion of my research was done before so much was put on the web. The information is detailed, broad based and easy to understand. Definitely a very useful guide.” – L.J.


About Dr. McMahon’s presentations:

“The wonders, and the magic, and many of the hidden facets of Google were exposed to a capacity audience at the GSMC April meeting. Dr. Margaret M. McMahon, a versatile engineer/hockey player/mom/ and genealogist, opened eyes to uses for Google that most attendees did not know.” – Noel Duerden, Indy Lineages Digital Magazine, Genealogical Society of Marion County, May-June 2014.

“I only did 2 searches on Google related to your syllabus, and was so very successful. I can’t wait to try out all of the wonderful items that you covered!” -Pat B.

“I was delighted with your talk last night. A true teacher, you presented the information clearly, your visuals were user-friendly (uncluttered!) and your delivery was natural, with a dash of humor, and responsive to the audience. I loved it!!” -Shelley K. Pollero, Past President, Anne Arundel Genealogical Society

“Your topic … was both very informative and professionally presented.”

“A truly professional presentation.”

“You presented the material in such an engaging and encouraging manner that the attendees felt confident in going home and duplicating what they had learned.”

“All McMahon programs [are] excellent.”

“Your expertise, enthusiasm and joy of teaching keep your classes lively and popular- we always have a full house for the genealogy classes you so generously offer.”

“Extremely informative and enjoyable.”

“Learning about the various types of commands and tools used in Google searches on the internet with greatly enhance the ability of our members to research their ancestors on the web. The presentation and handout will be useful to all, regardless of their level of research. The tips and tricks are ingenious.”

“You are so easy to follow and fun to listen to. Thanks to you for being so involved with family history and sharing your computer savvy ways.”

“Those who attended your presentation were well-instructed and learned many new facets of integrating social networking with their research skills.”


About Dr. McMahon’s Tutorials:

“Thanks so much for this informative post! I have already found some land records of interest to me.” – G.S.