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Have you been looking for how-to genealogy books to get you started and keep you going? These books have material for experienced as well as beginning family historians. Read about the topics that are covered in each book below. Each topic includes an introduction to using the records, how to find them online, and includes search terms to use and find more. You can view the Table of Contents for each book here.

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“A Weekend of Genealogy: Things to Know and Do, Online and Offline”


“A Weekend of Genealogy” offers a weekend of genealogical research activities centered on the U.S. Federal Census and Internet searches. The book includes how to find the census records for your ancestors and what to do with them. It demonstrates how to build Google searches to hunt for your family’s history. It also acquaints you with other Internet search engines. There are activities you can do before and after the weekend.

The book contains hints, websites, and search terms useful for your own research.

Get ready to spend a weekend hunting for your ancestors using the records and techniques described in the book!




“A Week of Genealogy: Things to Know and Do, Online and Offline”

A_Week_of_Genealogy__Cover_for_Kindle “A Week of Genealogy” focuses on seven days genealogical research activities. Activities before and after the week are also included. The book includes hints, web sites, and search terms useful for each day’s activity.

“A Week of Genealogy” has been written to complement Dr. McMahon’s popular classes and lectures. This book covers seven days of genealogical research activities. The book includes things to do before and after the week. The book includes hints, web sites, and search terms useful for all the activities.
The web is always her starting place to look for information about her ancestors and their lives. Web pages may contain records, data or the indexes that help locate records at a repository.




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A Week of Geneaology

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