NARA II, College Park Visit – Homework

In this coming series of posts, I will be discussing my latest visits to NARA to view WWI military records.

If you live close enough to the National Archives at College Park, and they are holding records about your ancestors, get out your GPS and go!

The steps of you visit are outlined in my Informal Guide to visiting NARA II at College Park (coming soon).


I did my homework before the visit by searching the NARA website for documents relating to the 51st Pioneer Infantry. My search terms were “51st pioneer”.




The description had a section that included 1st-816th Pioneer Infantry Regiments, 1917-9.




One important thing I did was to create a cheat sheet with important dates in Joseph McMahon’s WWI service as well as important dates for the 51st Pioneer Infantry. This sheet proved helpful as I sorted through the correspondence in the boxes. That sheet can be found here.

Next time…Day 1.