Grand Army of the Republic (GAR) – 9 – The Library of Congress

This post is the ninth in a series of posts is about how to locate record the Grand Army of the Republic (GAR). The first post contains information about the GAR.

The past blog posts have used New York State for examples. This post will go national and discuss the Library of Congress has The Grand Army of the Republic and Kindred Societies: A Guide to Resources in the General Collections of the Library of Congress.

On this page you can click on your state to find a listing of each state’s local posts. These are the posts at the community level.


GAR - LOC - 1


Clicking on the National Encampments link brings you to a list of them. Follow the links to find out which records for the encampments are held at the Library of Congress.


GAR - LOC - 2


Remember, there were also state encampments.


GAR - LOC - 3