6 Great Websites for Autosomal Tools and Techniques

Are you excited about your autosomal DNA results? Have you been wondering what to do next? The half dozen websites in this blog post will keep you busy with these tools and techniques to make the most of your autosomal DNA test results.

A great list of third party tools and apps from Blaine Bettinger, the Genetic Genealogist

If you have tested your autosomal DNA at FamilyTreeDNA, or transferred your results there, you will want Nine Autosomal Tools at Family Tree DNA

Downloads of tools and presentations from Kitty Cooper’s Blog

In segment-ology, Jim Bartlett shows us 3 steps to triangulate.

This document contains A Methodology: Identifying your Relatives through your atDNA Results.

The Genealogy Junkie’s blog by Sue Griffith has collected links for tips, tools and managing your matches.

Enjoy digging deep into your autosomal DNA!