3 Things to Do at Graduation Time

Graduations are a great time to celebrate! They are a time for families to gather, and when families gather they share memories. Thinking about graduations made me recall that Mrs. Lindsey, wife of New York City’s Major John Lindsey, attended my graduation from preschool. My Brother recalled that author Frank McChort spoke at my PhD graduation.

  1. Capture the memories. Have the graduate write, or record, about his or her favorite memories about the school experience.
  2. Capture others’ memories. While you are remembering, list the graduations you attended.
  3. Scan the ephemera. There may be programs, awards, certificates and notes generated for the event. Be sure to scan them, and use descriptive file names. Store the important ones, like the programs, using archival materials.

One of the things I like to do is capture the data that I wish I had about past generations. Start capturing graduation memories for your children, grandchildren and yourself! This Graduation Memory Worksheet and School Memory Worksheet can help you to capture the stories.