USAHEC: Searching the Library and Digital Collections

This tutorial will demonstrate a search of the Library and Digital Collections at USAHEC. We will be using the 51st Pioneer Infantry from New York, Company B, as our target.

Begin on the U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center Homepage.



We are going to enter the Digital Archives a different way. Click on the Library & Archives button.



From here, click on USAWC Graduates and All Other Patrons to go to the Research Page.


From this page you can use the Library Catalog and Digital Collections search box to search both resources at one time.

In the Library Catalog and Digital Collection box, I typed 51st Pioneers.



There were 2,253 results. I could have used the Refine your search check boxes on the left to limit the number. However, I decided to look at the first few pages of results and see what the search returned. There were some relevant matches, but many about U.S. pioneers rather than the Infantry.

(Note: I also searched for the term Pioneer, and there were 5,499 results.)



When I mouse over the title of the first result, I get a preview of the details.


You can click on the title to see the information on a web page.




An important piece of information is that this held in Ridgway Hall.

Another result from my search was from the Photograph Card Database. The images have not yet been digitized.



The search results also had two entries for relevant veterans surveys inventories.



First, I clicked on Pioneer infantry World War I veterans survey inventory.



The document can be downloaded by using the Download button on the top right. The document is downloaded as a pdf file, which requires Adobe Acrobat to view.

I scrolled down to the 51st Infantry Regiment. My Grandfather served in Company B, and there is a collection from a member of his company.



I checked the Militia Bureau World War I veterans survey inventory.


I downloaded the document, and searched for 51.

The only entry was for this material, referring me to the Pioneer Infantry survey inventory, which was the first inventory I searched.

Now I have things to look at on a trip to USAHEC.

In the meantime, I am working to learn more about the history the 51st Pioneer Infantry from New York in World War I.

This tutorial © 2015 Dr. Margaret McMahon. Created 7 August 2015.