USAHEC: Finding the Veterans Survey Inventories

Begin on the U.S. Army Heritage & Education Center Homepage.



Click on the Library & Archives button.



From here, click on USAWC Graduates and All Other Patrons to go to the Research Page.



Select the Bibliography & Finding Aids tab.

In the Reference Bibliographies section, click the Reference Bibliographies button.


Look at the Browse these suggested topics on the lower left of the page.

From the suggested topics, select WWI Veteran Survey Inventories.



This list has all the inventories tagged with WWI.

I typed pioneer into the search box AND from the dropdown arrow selected within results.



There were six results.

Three results had different use of the word “Pioneer”.

Two of the inventories referred to one document, the Pioneer Inventory. I clicked on the Pioneer Infantry World War I veteran survey inventory.




The Pioneer infantry World War I veterans survey inventory contained information at the 51st Pioneer Infantry.



The document can be downloaded by using the Download button on the top right. The document is downloaded as a pdf file, which requires Adobe Acrobat to view.

I scrolled down to the 51st Infantry Regiment. My Grandfather served in Company B, and there is a collection from a member of his company.




This tutorial © 2015 Dr. Margaret McMahon. Created 8 August 2015.