USAHEC: Using the Online Catalog: Reference Bibliographies

As with any archive, there may be some materials that are online and far more that are not. It is always worth looking. The folks at the USAHEC are pride themselves on being customer oriented and telling the stories one soldier at a time.

In this tutorial, I will show you how to use the Reference Bibliographies to locate resources at USAHEC, and show an example search for ancestors in the Civil War. Tutorials for other types of searches will be posted soon.

Click on this link for the USAHEC homepage.



Click on the Library & Archives link.


Expand the first time visitor information.


Click on the blue button for All Other Patrons, and a new tab in your browser will open.



From this page, you can search the both the Library Catalog and our Digital Collections using this search box.



For now, click on the Bibliographies & Finding Aids tab at the top.



Click on Reference Bibliographies.


From this page you can select a topic, or use the search box at the top.


The url for this page is:

In the search box at the top, I typed in 100th New York



The search engine returned one document, a list of the resources pertaining to the 100th New York Infantry Regiment.

I clicked on the document itself.



From here, I had the option to Download, which I did.

There is a list of resources held at USAHEC, but at the bottom I see something exciting:

“Our Photo Archive includes images of the individuals of this unit.”


One of the books was published in 1870, so I went to Google Books, and searched on “History of the one hundredth regiment of New York State Volunteers”

I typed in

“History of the one hundredth regiment of New York State Volunteers”


The list of results included the book I was looking for, and other regiment histories

The book was available.

And I had the option to download it in electronic form.


I did not find the ancestor in the book, however I knew that his name could be misspelled, and I used different search terms and found the entry for him in list of Privates in Company K.




Similarly, I searched for 179th New York and found the list of resources pertaining to the 179th New York Infantry Regiment. The same for the 154th New York.

However, neither resource list showed that they had pictures in their Photo Archives.


Now, the next step will be a trip up to USAHEC to see those pictures!


Updated 3 August 2015.